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10 Best E-commerce Sites in Bangladesh in 2022-23

E-commerce Sites in Bangladesh: We try to appreciate best online marketplace in Bangladesh is taking the lead in Bangladesh and has become a very popular way of shopping and selling products over the years.

After the pandemic, E-commerce in Bangladesh has become extremely widespread as people were depending on the sites to buy their necessities.

Nowadays, Around 50 million people are using the internet daily in Bangladesh. So e-commerce businesses are growing rapidly. Currently, Bangladeshi customers are happy to shop online on trusted online shopping sites.

E-commerce sites in Bangladesh

10 Best E-commerce Sites in Bangladesh: People are growing more updated and technology freaks. Bangladesh has more than 50+ E-commerce sites and all kinds of E-commerce sites are not the best E-commerce sites.

Today we place the 10 best E-commerce sites in Bangladesh which are more popular with people and they provide the best facilities by their sites.

10 Best E-commerce Sites in Bangladesh
10 Best E-commerce Sites in Bangladesh

10 Best Ecommerce Site Lists

Here’s a list of the 10 best online shopping sites in BD:

  1. Daraz Bangladesh
  8. PriyoShop
  9. Shwapno

Daraz Bangladesh– Best For Everything

Nowadays, Daraz is taking the lead in the most popular E-commerce sites in Bangladesh. And this was launched back in 2015 and has been on the rise since then.

Surprisingly we know that no other E-commerce sites have a larger fan base like Daraz has and its popularity and customers are ever on the increase.

They provided the service of including everyday essentials, furnishings, fashion, and cosmetic accessories, clothing, electronics, and home decor.

They ensure you 100% authentic products and you get the fastest ever delivery all over your remote locations. If the products are by mistake not even quality full then they have facilities like 7 days return policy.

It’s so easier your life by payment method than having a number of payment methods, including cash on delivery, Bkash, credit and debit cards, etc. Best For Buy & Sell

Here are the best E-commerce sites we know, and how popular it is. is a must-trusted site ever for our honorable customers of the countryside.

More people like to deal with them and their communication system is also good for reaching all kinds of smart people who actually buy online. ensure you that, never get worried after ordering from their site because they provide you with 100% authentic products. It’s also very important for the new online seller because if you post your ad to their site it’s 100% feeless.

They also provide great opportunities for members who receive more adverts, free promotions, store stickers, business cards, and a committed support staff. So, we appreciate this E-commerce site as the best E-commerce site in Bangladesh. For Grocery Item

We all know last two years we are brutally affected by Covid-19, so that situation people was passed their time full of homes locked. At that time made the best popularity among people as the best E-commerce grocery shop site.

Actually, the main objective behind is that they want to help its customers who don’t want to leave the house for basic shopping by offering them the chance to buy them online.

On the other hand, the primary goods provided by them include food items, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, and meat, as well as cleaning supplies, cosmetics, and other goods.

They actually provide the best service of home delivery and the fastest delivery also. Their workers are also very concerned about their positive reputation and that’s why they can make the strongest belief in customers’ minds as the best E-commerce site. For Tech & Gadgets is also an interesting online site in Bangladesh. They are the greatest and largest gadgets provider site in our country”s tech people. provides huge facilities and services like amazing offers which reduce the price and genuine, high-quality tech products, from local to worldwide companies, including cellphones, laptops, electrical devices, watches, and other items.

They also provide the best payment facilities including easy return policies, EMI capabilities, bKash, Swipe delivery, Cash-on-delivery, Visa Card, Master Card, etc. So, we highly recommend this site as the best E-commerce site. For Books is the biggest online bookshop site in Bangladesh. The founder of this site is Mahmudul Hasan Suhag. He is a very humble person and an innovative person in our country so people are much excited and trustful of this site.

They provide the best service of delivery within 3 to 7 days all over Bangladesh with the few amount of delivery charge they also provide for book lovers customers.

Any kind of books like international and also for job searcher they can provide wisely. is one of the best E-commerce sites in Bangladesh we must say that without any doubt. For Tech Products

It’s another E-commerce site in Bangladesh that is popular and the best E-commerce site also. It was founded by Pran RFL company. They quickly got popularity because of their unique service.

It’s one of the best hassle-free E-commerce sites in Bangladesh. They provide the best facilities like the best quality and premium brand items, including those from Samsung, Sony, HTC, Apple, Microsoft, Philips, Gillette, Maybelline, Casio, and many more.

They actually provide the best delivery to your door in practically all areas of Bangladesh, even the remote areas. And has customer service from 9 am to 10 pm with a live chat option

The payment system and product price is also very wise and reasonable for all kind of customers. They give discounts and offers and the payment system is bKash, Payza, Cash on Delivery, and online payments provide buyers with far more flexibility. For Gadgets

This site has the largest TV collection of any other tech-selling site. They offer the selling and buying of everything you can imagine. has been providing the service of the newest fashion essentials like shoes, apparel, and lifestyle accessories to computers, tablets, smartphones, and mobile devices. And also they provide brands quality like Samsung, Huawei, Symphony, Xiaomi, Motorola, OPPO, Vivo, Nokia, and Micromax.

The payment system of this site has cash on delivery,bkash, and credit or debit payment also which is numerous for every client who chooses to do any kind of payment. So we must ensure this site is the best E-commerce site in Bangladesh.

PriyoShop-Best For Gifts Item

PriyoShop makes sure that shopping is quicker, simpler, and always enjoyable because of its fastest service. Although, safe and reliable gateways, they provide a hassle-free buying experience by helping make the best decision for the customers.

They provide the service of stylish and dependable products from your favorite brands. In Dhaka, they delivered the products within 2 days, and outside Dhaka 3 to 4 business days.

The payment system of this site has many payment options, both digital and cash-on-delivery options. So we appreciate this site as the best E-commerce site in Bangladesh.

Shwapno-Best For Confectionary Item

Shwapno is the best grocery E-commerce shop in Bangladesh. In every digital district, they open their outlet and they are doing a good job as an online site also.

Its almost over 200 outlets, one of the top online neighborhood supermarkets in Bangladesh, Shwapno, allows you to order groceries, clothes, daily commodities, lifestyle products, etc.

They are delivered online and have them delivered right to your door. It’s obviously a great shopping system for us. They also provide huge vouchers which are more reliable for customers and save the cost than other local markets.

Shwapno provides an authentic image and authentic products. Also, their payment method has a huge option to pay. So. it is also the best E-commerce site in Bangladesh without any doubt. for Shopping

This site is among the top 10 leading e-commerce sites specializing in cosmetics. Amazingly, the platform set out on its journey roughly ten years ago with the goal of offering real branded goods at a reasonable price.

They provide the best service to the most distant area of the nation and make sure that products are 100% authentic. Their payment system has huge options as cash-on-delivery, debit cards, or credit cards are all acceptable forms of payment.

So lastly we say that this site, provides the best and their service is too good, that’s why is also the best E-commerce site in Bangladesh.


Day by day E-commerce site is increasing because online shopping is popular with people after covid-19. So, an E-commerce site makes life easier and saves us time.

In 2023 the years to come, these E-commerce sites will become even more advanced which will help both buyers and sellers. Happy new year 2023 to all.



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