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10 Best Tech Shop in Dhaka you can buy- Find the complete List 2023

10 Best Tech Shop in Dhaka: Technological working skill learning is spread day by day and also spread best tech shop in 2023 because we live in a country where the youngest guys are jobless. So, younger are interested in doing something exceptional by the grace of technology.

10 Best Tech Shop in Dhaka

Today we will try to introduce the 10 best shops ( Tech and gadgets ) which are located in Dhaka. Even, though every shop out there will try to attract you with lucrative offers, not all of them can ensure quality service.

So, it is the best choice to purchase genuine and quality-guaranteed products can be troublesome if you fail to choose a trusted retailer.

Tech Shops Lists in Dhaka

Here is the best top 10 tech shop list who are always providing good service with the best price for their customers.

  1. Star Tech
  2. Ryans
  3. Global Brand
  4. Flora
  5. Computer Source
  6. Binary Logic
  7. Techland BD
  8. Dolphin Computers
  9. Computer Village
  10. Computer Mania BD

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How to Choose a Shop for Buying tech products?

Here is the same step for consideration when choosing a shop any shop is good or not-

Step 1

Look for a shop with a good reputation.

Step 2

Consider the prices of the products you’re interested. make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Step 3

Make sure the shop has a fair and reasonable for return policy.

Star Tech Shop In Dhaka
Shop In Dhaka

1. Star Tech

Star Tech is one of the best tech shops in Bangladesh. The shop is located in Dhaka. Every kind of gadget and technological accessory you will find here.

We must say that before starting the article, we would appreciate the shop Star Tech. one of the largest and most reliable sellers of tech-based products in Bangladesh.

They actually provide the service with offerings ranging from Desktop PCs, Laptops, Gaming PCs, UPS, Tablet PCs, Graphics Tablets, Cameras, Security Cameras, and Televisions, as well as different kinds of important computer peripherals.

They have a total of 16 physical outlets all over Bangladesh. You are also happy and feel comforted to know that, in 2022, Star Tech & Engineering Ltd. was certified with the well-known “ISO 9001:2015 certification,” which came as a prize for ensuring the standards for quality management.

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2. Ryans Computer

When we talk about the best tech shop in Dhaka or Bangladesh then we should remember first the best shop Ryans. On the other hand, it is a leading computer store and e-commerce platform that sells computers and IT products throughout Bangladesh via its physical stores and website.

They actually sell all kinds of tech products like computers, laptops, keyboards,pc, audio speakers, gaming monitors, and so on. Ryans is now a shop of a trusted seller. They have 6 branches also all over Bangladesh.

In Dhaka, they have 6 outlets also which are located in the most prominent IT markets in Dhaka, including BCS Computer City, Multiplan City Centre, Eastern Plaza Shopping Complex, and two large outlets at Banani and Uttara.

They also provide the 64 districts’ delivery service by the way of online based. Their largest outlet is located in Agrabad, Chattagram. If you buy from their shop they provide you the huge facilities for product services.

3. Global Brand

Here, we introduced to people the best tech shop Global Brand Private Limited is one of the leading value-added distributors of IT, mobility, and enterprise solutions in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

This tech shop is founded in 1996 and they expanded their shop as a top tech business distributor in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They provide the service of technological products like 70+ renowned global tech brands, such as ASUS, Lenovo, Dell, LG, Brother, A4tech, Adata, Rapoo, Hikvision, Huawei, etc., which is impressive.

Their head office has been located in Dhaka which has 30 branch offices and 27 service centers supported by more than 1,000 people and system integrators.

Currently, they serve the service of 2500+ immensely satisfied corporate clients, 1300+ online and offline re-sellers, and millions of users across the country. We must prefer their shop as the best tech shop in Dhaka.

4. Flora

Flora is a sweet name that means pure flower but also Flora is one of the best tech shops in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It’s a Limited tech company committed to manufacturing also marketing a wide range of IT products.

Their journey started on 1st April 1972 and they were certified by Flora Limited in August 1975. They provide the service of reputed companies like HP, CISCO, SYSTIMAX, 3M, MICROSOFT, CA, Epson, Canon, Roland, Olympus, Nikon, MSI, APC, and BenQ.

Flora Limited tech shop stands out for having 45 years of experience and they provide the service of technological products by the best-qualified engineers. That’s why Flora Limited is the best tech shop.

5. Computer Source

Computer Source Limited is also well known best tech shop in Dhaka. They has also online and offline services. Their starting journey in 1993. They have 7 outlets including Dhaka city.

It’s obviously helpful to know that, they provide the service of branded tech products like laptops, notebooks, desktops, computer accessories, tech gadgets, etc.

They have been certified by ISO 9001:2000 for the distribution, solution, assembling & servicing of personal computers, computer accessories, peripherals, networking & radio-telecommunication products in 2004.

6. Binary Logic

Binary Logic is also ICT based tech shop. They started their journey in 2001. It’s a little bit younger tech business shop than other well-known companies or shops. But Binary Logic succeeded in their little journey by ensuring their good product services.

On the other hand, they provide the service of quality tech products dealing with Intel, Microsoft, Adobe, VMware, Dell, Leadtek, CoolerMaster, IN-WIN, G.Skill, Motorola, Posiflex, and Honeywell. 

They also earn the title of Intel Technology Provider Platinum in 2008, and also the registered partner of Microsoft, Adobe, VMware, and Dell in Bangladesh.

So, after the huge good reputation of this shop, we ensured and must be appreciated that Binary Logic is the best tech shop in Dhaka.

7. Techland BD

This shop is basically based on hardware, software, and IT providers which is established in August 2016. They handled their job by providing good services of a products solution which is helped them grow constantly since its inception.

Techland BD is a trusted and gold-certified partner of Asus, MSI, and Corsair and a silver-certified partner of HP. Currently, Techland’s shops are available at five locations in Dhaka city.

They also provide the service of gaming chairs, smart watches, smart TVs, etc, apart from computers and all types of PC components. So, we appreciate this shop as the best tech shop in Dhaka.

8. Dolphin Computers

This tech shop established in 1986, is a leading IT products and solutions provider. By providing good services and solutions, they achieved a very respectable and dominant position in the tech sector.

They merged their company with Daffodil Computers LTD in 2004. Daffodil Computers has a wide product lineup that includes desktop computers, notebooks, netbooks, tablet PCs, servers, computer peripherals, network accessories, and so on.

9. Computer Village

Computer Village is also a well-known tech shop in Bangladesh. So, if you’re looking for a trusted best tech shop then you can find everything you desire under one roof at Computer Village to buy retail products at wholesale discount prices.

It’s really very impressive to know that they have an eCommerce site, “,” for online purchases with strict buyer protection policies to ensure risk-free deliveries.

And they provide quality products like ensuring the brand’s quality, Computer Village is the authorized seller for almost all renowned brands like HP, Dell, ASUS, Intel, McAfee, Lenovo, Acer, LG, A4tech, TP-Link, CISCO, Canon, Gigabyte, Twinmos, A-Data, Microlab, Microsoft, etc.

10. Computer Mania BD

And finally, we talk about the last and final best tech shop in this top 10 tech shop list. Here is the best tech in Dhaka which is Computer Mania BD.

It was founded on October 2, 2011, and it achieved the trust of the public. They are also well known among Bangladeshi laptop users for selling high-end Ultrabooks and gaming laptops in particular.

Computer Mania Bd is a trusted name for the best tech products and services like brand new laptops and PC equipment with official warranty and support, which makes consumer purchases safe and reliable.

That is it for today about tech shop. If you like this article and find something informative then let comment us in the comment section.


Q. 1: Which are the Best Tech Shops in Dhaka?

Ans: In Dhaka, Purchasing genuine and quality-guaranteed tech products, here is the best 3 shop where you can buy products without any confusion- 1. Rayan Computer, 2. Start tech, 3. Computer Mania BD.

Q. 2: Where can I find electronic equipment in Dhaka?

Ans: Best Electronics Showroom in Dhaka Dakkhinkhan. Haji Abu Taher Zame Mosjid, Shahid Latif Road, Prem Bagan, Moddya Gawair, Asskona, Dakkhin Khan, Dhaka.

Q. 3: What is the best place to buy computer parts in Bangladesh?

Startech, Computer Mania BD, and techland give the best product in BD. Heard some complaints about star tech regarding online services recently.

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