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OthersBest bd ftp server 2022 Watch Live Movies and Sports

Best bd ftp server 2022 Watch Live Movies and Sports

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bd ftp server 2022: bdix ftp. best For Watching Live Tv, Movies and Sports Live Online then You Need high Speed Internet connection. Here is the Best ftp server for Bangladesh Sports Live FTP Server BD, BDIX FTP Server List, By using ftp server you can improve your internet connection.

Best bd ftp server 2022

file transfer protocol, is the fastest way of transferring computer files between the server and a client within a computer network. It generally transfers data or information from the computer to the server where there is a hosted website.

At present, FTP servers refer to a combination of different files that you can download from your Internet connection provider very quickly. Your ISP FTP server may be hosting a number of media that you can easily download and enjoy.

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The BDIX FTP Server

BDIX FTP server is an IXP junction where the internet service protocol and other providers of data service get connected to each other. BDIX was established in Bangladesh in 2004. It was established with a view to providing more channels among different data service providers.

Suppose a file requires 25-30 minutes to download with a normal internet speed. But it will take only 2 to 3 minutes or even less to download the same file with the BDIX FTP server.

Another benefit of this server is that it will bring you one of the best opportunities to enjoy live video, gaming, and a lot more. If your connection speed doesn’t allow you to play games online, you can take this opportunity from your service provider.

Bangladesh Internet Exchange is the full form of BDIX. Approximately 3500+ Bangladeshi internet service providers are interconnected in order to decrease local data traffic international routing.

Best BDIX FTP Server List 2022

The best FTP server is the one that your provider owns or operates. But you can also check out some other providers’ FTP servers and the list is given below.

  3. Movie Mela Live
  4. Movie Haat
  5. Discovery FTP
  6. VootBd
  7. OnBDIX
  8. Natural BD
  9. Boss BD
  10. Moja Loss
  11. The Introvision
  12. Fun Time BD
  13. Quick Online FTP
  14. E-Box File Server
  15. IT Base BD
  16. Movie Server – English
  18. Movie Server – Bangla
  19. Dhaka Movie
  20. Seba IT
  21. Panda Club BD
  22. Jhal Muri

Sports live tv FTP Server

By Using ftp server for Sport live tv You can Enjoy Better Connection and non loading live match. here is the best icc ftp server for watching live online football and criket match.

Sports Channel Live Servers

Best ftp server list for watching live football and cricket match.

Latest ftp server 2022

  • FTP Server
  • Natural BD
  • Crazy HD
  • Moviemela
  • Ebox
  • Dekh Vhai
  • Unique
  • Ffuntime BD
  • Ihub File server
  • Seba IT

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