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Friday, August 12, 2022
Crypto LiveCryptocurrency price chart Today - Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin ( Latest Update)

Cryptocurrency price chart Today – Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin ( Latest Update)

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New World Order System Electronic money Crypto Price Today Live View crypto prices and charts, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and more. Earn free crypto. Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche gain up to 12% And see all Cryptocurrency price chart Today here. cryptocurrency representations The global cryptocurrency market cap today is $1.09 Trillion, which has witnessed a minor spike of 0.1 percent in the last 24 hours.

Top Cryptocurrency Price list today

Cryptocurrency may be a good investment if you are willing to accept it is a high risk gamble which could pay off. but Prices of cryptocurrencies including bitcoin have been falling in 2022 amid a worldwide crypto price crash.

Today’s Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Cap

The global cryptocurrency market cap was trading higher at the $1.06 trillion mark, rising more than 3 per cent in the last 24 hours. However, the total cryptocurrency trading volume plunged over 24 per cent, close to $73.18 billion.

The global crypto market cap is $1.05T, a 2.92% increase over the last day. You can Check on coinmarketcap.com

The total crypto market volume over the last 24 hours is $60.60B, which makes a 13.48% decrease. The total volume in DeFi is currently $5.49B, 9.06% of the total crypto market 24-hour volume. The volume of all stable coins is now $54.96B, which is 90.71% of the total crypto market 24-hour volume.

Bitcoin’s price is currently $22,746.19.

Bitcoin’s dominance is currently 41.48%, a decrease of 0.34% over the day.

Dogecoin witnessed a drop of 1.2 percent in the last 24 hours and the market cap is around 9.2 billion. Shiba Inu witnesses a drop of 2 percent in 24 hours and has maintained a market cap of 7.05 billion.

The total market cap of Bitcoin is currently at $436.1 billion. Ethereum Market Cap stands at 192.2 billion.

Bitcoin is currently hovering above $22,915 whereas Ethereum is at $1,583. There’s a remarkable jump compared to last week for both ETH and BTC.

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  • It is the World’s Largest digital currency by Market Cap.
  • Widely popular among institutional investors.
  • Tesla recently experimented with accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment.
  • It is a great way to hedge against huge price swings and inflation. Thus, a relatively safer way of diversification of stock investments.
  • With non-correlation to existing stock markets, it is seen as equivalent to what gold has been in traditional stock investments

Cryptocurrency price chart Today

NamePriceChartChangeMarket capTrade
Bitcoin logoBitcoinBTCBDT 2,133,195.741.76%BDT 40.8TTrade
Ethereum logoEthereumETHBDT 151,293.455.45%BDT 18.5TTrade
Ethereum 2 logoEthereum 2ETH2BDT 151,293.455.45%BDT 18.5T
Tether logoTetherUSDTBDT 94.060.00%BDT 6.2T
USD Coin logoUSD CoinUSDCBDT 94.06BDT 5.2T
BNB logoBNBBNBBDT 24,792.432.96%BDT 4.0T
Cardano logoCardanoADABDT 49.559.89%BDT 1.7TTrade
XRP logoXRPXRPBDT 34.202.83%BDT 1.7T
Binance USD logoBinance USDBUSDBDT 94.150.00%BDT 1.7TTrade
Solana logoSolanaSOLBDT 3,837.452.18%BDT 1.3TTrade
Dogecoin logoDogecoinDOGEBDT 6.432.29%BDT 854.6BTrade
Dai logoDaiDAIBDT 94.040.01%BDT 694.0BTrade
Polkadot logoPolkadotDOTBDT 700.242.85%BDT 692.9BTrade
Polygon logoPolygonMATICBDT 82.174.45%BDT 658.5BTrade
Avalanche logoAvalancheAVAXBDT 2,256.381.65%BDT 643.3BTrade
SHIBA INU logoSHIBA INUSHIBBDT 0.00112.35%BDT 607.8BTrade
TRON logoTRONTRXBDT 6.341.29%BDT 586.6B
Wrapped Bitcoin logoWrapped BitcoinWBTCBDT 2,133,855.071.50%BDT 506.2BTrade
Uniswap logoUniswapUNIBDT 663.184.47%BDT 487.3BTrade
Litecoin logoLitecoinLTCBDT 5,445.804.97%BDT 386.7BTrade
FTX Token logoFTX TokenFTTBDT 2,753.983.91%BDT 373.3B
Ethereum Classic logoEthereum ClassicETCBDT 2,435.093.07%BDT 331.4BTrade
Chainlink logoChainlinkLINKBDT 666.294.92%BDT 312.4BTrade
NEAR Protocol logoNEAR ProtocolNEARBDT 412.713.25%BDT 307.3B
Crypto.com Coin logoCrypto.com CoinCROBDT 12.100.39%BDT 306.5BTrade
Cosmos logoCosmosATOMBDT 955.790.68%BDT 274.4BTrade
Stellar Lumens logoStellar LumensXLMBDT 10.702.78%BDT 268.9BTrade
Monero logoMoneroXMRBDT 14,205.923.96%BDT 258.0B
Bitcoin Cash logoBitcoin CashBCHBDT 11,940.315.01%BDT 228.4B

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