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GamingFree FireFree Fire Elite Pass season 46 March 2022

Free Fire Elite Pass season 46 March 2022

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Free Fire new Elite Pass : The upcoming new Elite Pass of Season 46 March 2022 . Here, the leaked items, skins, and costumes of the FF next Elite Pass.

Free Fire Elite Pass season 46 March 2022

Actually the Elite Pass of March 2022 has been leaked by the data miners and in this article, we are going to give you information about the rewards of Elite Pass for March 2022.

Free Fire S46 Elite Pass Release Date : March Elite Pass might be around 1st March 2022.  As usual, gamers will be able to pre-order the pass a few days prior to the actual launch.

Free Fire March Month Elite Pass Leaked Rewards

Elite Pass March 2022

Free Fire S46 elite pass bundle
  •  0 badges: Moto Technologia Vapo
  • 10 Badges: UMP Orelhas De Bronze
  • 15 badges: Jaueta de bronze
  • 20 Badges: Weapon Royale Voucher
  • 30 Badges: Banner Olhos De Bronze
  • 50 badges: Conjunta Orelhas de bronze Bundle
  • 80 badges: USP Dlhas de Estanho
  • 100 badges: Prancha Tecnologia a Vapo
  • 125 badges: Granade Technologia Vapo
  • 150 badges: Espólio Caveira a Vapo
  • 180 badges; Mochila Coelho a Vapo (Backapack)
  • 210 Badges: Pets
  • 225 badges: Conjunta Orelhas de Estanho

Free Fire Season 46 Elite Pass: Backpack skins

The new bag skin will have 3 different levels and with every level, the user will have a different style of animation. This skin will be unlocked at 200 badges.

free fire Upcoming season 46 elite pass all items

Copper Light Bike Skin

The first reward of Season 46’s Elite Pass is going to be a motor bike skin named Copper Light. In this skin you will get to see a combination of green and gray color.

Neon Dolly Avatar

This is an avatar that you are going to get absolutely free. This avatar also comes with a green theme.

UMP Copper Light Skin

According to the theme of Elite Pass, you will also get to see the skin of the green colored UMP gun.

Gear Engineer Jacket

This is a female jacket which is of brown colour.

Machine Dolly Banner

According to the theme, this banner also comes with a combination of green and black colors.

Bronzed Owl Avatar

This is an avatar which is of green color.

Jear Wear Jacket

It is a male jacket and this jacket comes with brown and red color combination. One good thing is that you will get this male jacket for free.

Mechanical Bronze Bundle

This is a female bundle which looks good. In this bundle you will get to see a combination of green and white color.

USP Copper Light Skin

This is the pistol skin which comes in green and brown color combination.

Pastel Work T-shirt

This is a printed T-shirt which is of white colour.

Mech Bunny Skyboard Skin

This is a surfboard that looks like an alien space ship. It also comes with Green and Brown color comination.

Grenade Gas Blast Skin

This is a grenade skin which looks very beautiful and the animation of this grenade is very good.

Night Neon Banner

This is a free banner that looks good. There is a combination of black, green and brown color in this banner.

Genius Skull Loot Box Skin

There’s a skull on the skin of this loot box who is wearing green goggles.

Smart Bunny Backpack

This is a backpack skin that has been given the appearance of a bunny. This Backpack Skin Comes With Green And Brown Color Combination

Neon Bunny Backpack Skin

This is a free backpack that comes with Green and Black color combination.

Mechnician Male Bundle

This bundle of Male comes in White and Blue colors. These were all the rewards that you are going to see with the Elite Pass of March 2022.

So, these are the rewards of Season 46 Elite Pas. Moreover, there would also be free rewards as an avatar and new outfits. So, stay tuned to know regarding the upcoming elite pass. Meanwhile, you can check out our different copies.

Free Fire Elite Pass season 46 March 2022

Free Fire Elite pass

How do I get all elite pass

To unlock the Elite Pass rewards is to complete the tasks and challenges laid out by Garena in the missions section. Whenever a new Elite Pass S46 arrives in the game, the players are required to level up by completing the missions.

Who is noob in Free Fire ?

Sooneetha Thapa Magar is the queen of free fire in the world. she is also a eminent female content creator and a youtuber. she has 4 million subscribers.

Which elite pass is rare in Free Fire?

The Sakura bundle is super rare as it was released in the Elite pass Season 1.

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