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Fastest network SIM in India 2022

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India’s three largest mobile operators-airtel jio and vodafone.The Indian mobile landscape continues to grow increasingly competitive as operators are trying to offer the best experience to their users.here we talk about Fastest network SIM in India.

Best mobile network operator in india

OperatorSubscribers (millions)
4BSNL113.45 + 3.27(MTNL)
network operator in india

india fastest network 5g sim 2021-2022

popular network coverage operators in india : We have examined the mobile network experience of the five main mobile network operators in India: Airtel, BSNL, Idea, Jio and Vodafone

Fastest network

popular network coverage operators in india
popular network coverage operators in india

Fastest network SIM in India 2022

Airtel vs Jio vs Vodafone Idea

Check out a head-to-head comparison between popular plans by Airtel, Reliance Jio and Vodafone Idea to decide which telecom operator offers the best plans for you.

Recharge Plans

Airtel announced its price hike on prepaid plans earlier this week with prices for various plans doing up by 20-25 per cent. Vodafone-Idea (VI) followed quickly and also announced a price hike for most of its plans with a similar range as Airtel.

So far Jio is the only one that has not announced a price hike for its prepaid plans.

Here’s a quick look at how the prices for various plans compare between the three telecom giants now. Note that prices may/may not slightly vary based on your telecom sector.

Data top-ups/ Data booster plans

Airtel 5G offers three data booster plans at Rs 58 for 3GB, Rs 118 for 12GB, and Rs 301 for 50GB, all with unlimited validity (until your current plan ends).

Jio offers 1GB data at Rs 11, 2GB data at Rs 21, 6GB data at Rs 51, and 12GB data at Rs 101.

There are also ‘Work from home’ data boosters with a 30-day validity that cost Rs 151 for 30GB, Rs 201 for 40GB, and Rs 251 for 50GB.

Vodafone Idea now offers 3GB data at Rs 58 with 28 days validity and 12GB data at Rs 118 with 28 days validity. There is also a Rs 298 plan that offers 50GB data for 28 days and a Rs 418 plan that offers 100GB data for 56 days.

Popular plans airtel , Jio, Vodafone

PlanAirtelJioVodafone Idea
1.5GB per day for 84 days₹719₹555₹599
2GB per day for 84 days₹839₹599NA

Games Experience

Airtel won our Games Experience award outright with a score of 58.5 points, (on a 100-point scale), while Vi was close behind with 58 points. This means our Airtel users saw the best experience while playing multiplayer mobile games in India.

But the scores reported by our Jio (48.1) and BSNL (36.9) users were significantly lower than those of users connecting on Airtel and Vi’s networks. Lower scores mean users’ experience becomes less enjoyable, marred with increased delays and lack of

controllability in gameplay.Games Experiencein 0-100

Airtel 58.5B


Jio 48.1

Vi 58.0

Mobile Network Experience Report | March 2021 | © Opensignal

Download Speed Experience

In our last report, we saw Airtel’s lead in Download Speed Experience over Vi shrink to 3.5%. And this time, Vi beats Airtel’s score by 1.4 Mbps (13.2%) and wins our Download Speed Experience award with a score of 11.9 Mbps.

While our users on Vi’s network experienced a boost of 1.8 Mbps (18.4%) in their average download speeds, users on Airtel, BSNL and Jio saw their speeds increase fractionally by 0.1-0.6 Mbps.

As a result of this, Airtel is in second-place with a score of 10.5 Mbps, followed by Jio’s score of 7.1 Mbps, while BSNL is in last place with 3.3 Mbps.

Fastest network SIM in India 2022

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