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Free Fire All Server Name List

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Free Fire : Free Fire All Server Name List – A common question arises in the mind of every gamer, How Many Country server in free Fire Game? This post about the country’s server list name is also listed here.

Free Fire has a special server for every country with many Free Fire servers for different regions and different language. These Free Fire Servers stores data like name, collection, the players’ Free Fire games statics, full friend’s list, and many more.

What Is Free Fire Server?

Every online game or any other online-based platform must have a server to work correctly. A Free Fire server is a computer or system which provides data, services, programs, or resources to other computers. These servers can work as a client or a server at the same time. Free Fire has included many servers for their game. There are some reasons behind making not just a single server. People around the world have become addicted to this game. Everybody loves to play Free Fire. It might have become a massive problem if they had only launched a single server. Because people of different countries talks in a foreign language. So, they would face many difficulties to communicate with each other. Thinking about the issue, Free Fire has launched some individual servers for different regions.

Free Fire All Server Name List

  1. Free Fire India Server.
  2. Free Fire Thailand Server.
  3. Free Fire Brazil Server.
  4. Free Fire Middle East Server (MENA).
  5. Free Fire Mexico Server (Free Fire – LATAM).
  6. Free Fire Taiwan Server (Free Fire – 我要活下去)
  7. Free Fire Russia Server.
  8. Free Fire Europe Server.
  9. Free Fire Indonesia Server.
  10. Free Fire Malaysia Server.
  11. Free Fire Vietnam Server.
  12. Free Fire Pakistan Server.
  13. Free Fire Bangladesh Server. (New)

FF All servers Official YouTube Channel Link

  1. Free Fire India Official– Youtube link
  2. Garena Free Fire Thailand– Youtube link
  3. Free Fire Brazil– Youtube link
  4. Free Fire MENA Server Country List– Youtube link
  5. Free Fire Mexico (Free Fire – LATAM)– Youtube link
  6. Free Fire Taiwan (Free Fire – 我要活下去)– Youtube link
  7. Free Fire Russia– Youtube link
  8. Free Fire Europe Server Country List – Youtube link
  9. Garena Free Fire Indonesia– Youtube link
  10. Free Fire Malaysia Official– Youtube link
  11. Garena Free Fire Vietnam– Youtube link
  12. Garena Free Fire Pakistan- Youtube link
  13. Free Fire Bangladesh Server Country List- YouTube link

Free Fire Best Server in the World

#1- Mena Server

Free Fire Brazil server is best for early updates.

Indonesia server is the best for bundles and offers.

Thailand and Vietnam server is best for getting free Diamonds

For the best value for the price and events, the India server is the best.

best free fire player in bangladesh

Player IDHighest Paying Game
1.AHNAFFree Fire
2.ALVIFree Fire
3.MARUFFree Fire
4.SHUVOFree Fire

Who is Best Free Fire Player In The World?


SULTAN PROSLO is a Free Fire gamer of Indonesian server. In 2021, he is considered the world’s best Free Fire player. His guild name is NESC-IND, and he has reached the grandmaster tier many times. Dyland Pros is the name of his youtube channel, where he has got over 9.5 million subscribers. 


If you are a player in the Indian region, you must have heard the name SK SABIR. SK SABIR is a skilled Free Fire player in the Indian region. He is mainly known for long-range combats. His guild name is BOSS, and he has reached the top in Free Fire many times. 

3.Sudip Sarkar

Sudip Sarkar is a famous name in Indian server. He is one of the top 22% Free Fire players in the world. His skills are handy in close range combats, and he also has a decent speed. Gyan Gaming is the name of his youtube channel, which has over 5 million subscribers. You may want to check his youtube channel to learn some tactics and strategies from him. 


RAISTAR will be the ideal answer to the popular question, who is the fastest player of Free Fire?  Raistar is a famous player of Indian origin. He is arguably the fastest player of Free Fire. If you see raister for the first time, you may think of him as a hacker because of his incredible speed. He has a high headshot rate because of his accurate aim and is well known for mid-range combats.

5. TSG Jash

TSG Jash is one of the most skilful players of Free Fire. With these skills, he can win any ranked matches and reach the grandmaster tier with ease. Along with his friend TSG RItik, he owns a youtube channel called two side gamers, which has more than 6.1 million subscribers. You can visit their youtube channel anytime if you wish to watch them play.

Best Free Fire Players India

  1. Raistar
  2. TSG Ritik
  3. SK Sabir
  4. Ind Gamer
  5. Pahadi Gamer
  6. Badege 99
  7. B2K
  8. M8N
  9. Vincenzo
  10. NTR Nobita
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