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indus game – India Battle Royale game Indus first trailer Video Leaked

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India Battle Royale Game: super gaming has announced that the Indus game launches in 2022, on mobile, consoles, and Windows PC. An Indian gaming studio has introduced the first trailer of its new game called Battle Royale Indus. The new game has been introduced as an ‘Indo-Futuristic battle Royale’.

India Battle Royale game Indus 2022

The Battle Royale Indus is still far from the final launch but the game will open for pre-registrations from the end of this year on both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store for mobile devices. 

Supergaming co-founder and CEO Roby John said, “While there’s still some work to be done before we can bring Indus to all of you, this trailer shows what we’re crafting to match your expectations and our ambition of putting India on the global gaming map.

The game developers are behind titles like MaskGun and Silly RoyaMask Guile. MaskGun is a multiplayer shooter which has had over 64 million players since its launch.

The social deduction game Silly Royale has over 20 million players in a year. Also Read: Free Fire Happy India Independence Day 2022 redeem codes

Battle Royale Indus game

The Battle Royale Indus game plans to bring something new to the most played genre in the country. The creators like to call it ‘Indo-Futurism’.

It is based on the idea of a futuristic-looking Indus Valley Civilization with all modern weapons and architecture. The creators claim it was inspired by Black Panther’s take on Afro-Futurism.

For Indus, Super Gaming built a “brand new tech platform” from scratch and intends to support it post-launch with patches and events. The title is currently in deep development, and further updates on the same will be revealed shortly.

Earlier this week, the company revealed that its multiplayer mobile FPS, MaskGun had crossed the milestone of 60 million players.

As part of the celebration, they announced a new 1v1 mode, a new set of agents/operators, and cosmetics – some of which were inspired by the popular Netflix series, Squid Game.

The first #indusplaytest teaser is here :

  •  30 Community Members
  •  20 game developers
  •  1 Battle Royale — crafted in
  • with the community for the

We had a blast hosting all our awesome community members at our studio. Thank you for showing up and making Indus real.

Indus Battle Royale Trailer | First Look

Presenting #IndusGame – a free-to-play battle Royale crafted in 🇮🇳, for the 🌎. You are a Mythwalker. A hired gun, an adventurer, a blank slate. A thirst for the unknown has you diving headfirst onto the planet Indus for COVEN, an interstellar criminal syndicate.

Indus is a mystery to most space-faring races, a lost planet home to an ancient civilization, floating islands, and bizarre phenomena. Faint whispers of Indus’ limitless Cosmium — a life-changing natural wealth have drawn the attention of COVEN, looking to harvest it for material gain.

And that’s where you come in. After all, Mythwalkers have a healthy obsession with glory, fame, and a distinct lack of self-preservation.

indian battle royale game indos

Indus Game Tesar

Indian Game Indus Battle Royale New Gameplay and Map Details Revealed

The video kicks off with the player-character Mythwalker dropping into the map, Virlok. The aesthetics of the map are inspired by a concept called “Indo-Futurism”, which explores the fate of the Indus Valley Civilization several hundred years into the future as a space-faring civilization.

Small gameplay footage was also revealed that shows the game in action and the kind of weaponry players will have at their disposal.

Key parts of the map were also revealed such as Jatayu Central, which gives players an idea of just how expansive and detailed the map is going to be.

n addition to gameplay, there were also hints of Indian references in the game, including a “Nimbu-Mirchi” weapon charm which players will be able to attach to their weapon and customize.

It will be interesting to see just how deep the weapon customization system will be in the game and is an indication that there are likely several more charms that players can use. Also Read: Free Fire Red Criminal Bundle 5th Anniversary Event: How to get Free?

The game is being developed by SuperGaming, a Pby Super Gamingune-based studio, and is a free-to-play battle Royale game currently set for release in 2022 for Mobile, PC, and Console. Fans will likely get to see more of the game in the months to come before release, and hopefully, release date soon as well.

Indus Game Map

Worldbuilding has taken a different direction than what other sci fi games do.  Typically the genre reeks of dystopia, and at times, a general feeling of dread. Indus wants to create a world that’s positive and optimistic.

Jatayu, the one from the Ramayana,  is the chief location on the ever-changing island map called ‘Virlok’- one of the ways it pays homage to Indian heritage.

Indus Game character Player

Players take on the role of a Mythwalker, a hired gun working for COVEN, an intergalactic syndicate that discovered an ancient yet scientifically advanced world called Indus

COVEN wants to get its hands on Indus’ limitless Cosmium — a life-changing natural wealth, looking to harvest it for material gain.

Indus Free or payable?

  • The game is free-to-play. 
  • Typical of such games, microtransactions will eventually be involved.
  • On the topic of whether it will have a battle pass- the official blog says that the studio is ” yet to determine the exact progression mechanics”.

Indus gmae Weapons

Like most shooters, players can expect a variety of guns at launch.

These include the ‘Kismet’ shotgun, an SMG, a heavy-duty sniper rifle, an LMG, and an Assault rifle.

Indus Game Release Date

As earlier mentioned, Pre-registration will go live later this year. An internally playable version of the game was available on 25th November 2022. The game will be free-to-play and the team is yet to decide on how it will be monetized.

When the full release will happen is not yet revealed, but it is hoped that the studio does not rush it, lest it meets the same fate as CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077.

It can be tempting to push for a hasty release in order to meet players’ demand and in turn subject employees to intense crunch periods. 

However one of the best ways Indus can stand out from its global peers is by actually taking the time to build and release a finished and unbroken game.

indus game download

Indus battle royale game download for android, consoles and Windows PC will be avilabe this year.

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