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New Sunlott Result Today Sunlot Lottery

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Latest New Sunlott Result Today Sunlot Lottery : Sunlott Lottery Result, Sunlott Guessing Today along with the Sunlott Yesterday Result, Sunlott Prizes Today, sunlotto Lottery Timing and more details on this page. Win amazing prizes through Sunlott Lottery and get the updates on Sunlott.

New Sunlott Result Today Sunlot Lottery

Sunlott Result Updates, Sunlott Result Today, Sunlott Previous Results are updated here. All upcoming Sunlott Result, Sunlott Lottery Result, Sunlott Guessing Today will be updated here.

The players who bought Sunlott lottery tickets can check their prize on the Sunlott lotteries board official website. Here below we have updated the Sunlott lottery result today.

Sunlott Result Today May 2022

Sunlott Result TimeThursday 11:00:00 AM
3 D Prize Rs.27000374
2 D Prize  Rs.100074
1 D Prize Rs.1004
Sunlott Result TimeThursday 01:00:00 PM
3 D Prize Rs.27000153
2 D Prize  Rs.100053
1 D Prize Rs.1003
Sunlott Result TimeThursday 06:00:00 PM
3 D Prize Rs.27000140
2 D Prize  Rs.100040
1 D Prize Rs.1000
Sunlott Result TimeThursday 07:25:00 PM
3 D Prize Rs.27000TBA
2 D Prize  Rs.1000TBA
1 D Prize Rs.100TBA

when publish sunlott result?

The Sunlott draw timings are: Sunlot lottery result publish 4 times on a day.

  • 11 am
  • 01 pm
  • 6 pm
  • 7.25 pm

How To Get The Sunlott Results Everyday?

The Sunlott Players can get the results regularly by visiting our page, as we frequently update the results everyday.

What is the prize of Sunlott Lottery?

Rs. 27,000 is the prize amount of Sunlott Lottery.

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