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Best Free Ping Submission Site List 2022

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Free Ping Submission Site List 2022. Top 100 Best Free Ping Submission Sites List we will give you the best and easy-to-use ping submission sites. These sites will help you to easily get your URLs indexed at various platforms. The list of all the websites is given below.

The Best Free Ping Submission Sites List 2022 (updated)

How Do I Submit My Site to Google? To submit your website to Google, you can either add an updated sitemap to your Google account, or submit an indexing request for the desired URL through Fetch as Google. Both processes require site owners to register with Google Search Console.

how to submit your site to google

To submit your website to Google, you can either add an updated sitemap to your Google account, or submit an indexing request for the desired URL through Fetch as Google. Both processes require site owners to register with Google Search Console.

Best Free Ping Submission Sites For Website SEO

Best Free Ping Submission Sites List 2022 : Ping Submission sites bring various advantages to your website and make your online presence strong and enticing among the visitors. Each and every digital marketing expert is aware of the perks of ping submission sites; thus, they prefer using these sites during off-page SEO activity.

Top 10 Ping Submission Sites 2022

Free Pinging Submission sites List 2022 –  Crawl Fast Newly Created Link


We will mention both paid and free ping submission sites list, but both of them are beneficial. So let us have a look at their advantages in general:

  • With the help of these websites, you would be able to quickly submit your blog, site, and backlink to several directories and search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • The best part is that these sites inform the search engines about fresh content and backlinks, intensifying your SEO and SERP ranking.
  • They can also enhance the visibility of the website and boost organic traffic to your blog.
  • Through ping submission sites, you can get more imminent to your viewers and make a great connection with the target customers.
  • A lot of the sites are free and are more beneficial as compared to other off-page SEO techniques such as directory submission, link submission, etc.

Why ping submission sites?

Ping submission sites help your site by alerting google or any other major search engine on your site or any new post on your site. And when Google notices your site or new any new post on your site “pinged” it indexes it. This is why ping submission sites are very helpful those who are having the problem in getting their site or post indexed on google. Get more than 100 free ping submission sites list 2019 and use itto ping your site, posts, and even backlinks.

Top Free Ping Submission Website Sites List – Jan 2022

(1) http://pingomatic.com/

(2) https://www.pingmylinks.com

(3) http://ping.feedburner.com

(4) http://pingmyblog.com/

(5) http://www.backlinkping.com

(6) http://totalping.com

(7) http://pingsitemap.com

(8) https://pingler.com/

(9) http://www.pingfarm.com/

(10) http://indexkings.com/

(11) http://mypagerank.net/

(12) https://ping.twingly.com/

(13) https://ping.in/

(14) http://pingoat.net/

15 http://pingates.com/

Advantages of Ping submission for SEO

Ping Submission sites have their best effects on search engine rankings. As we know these websites help in the indexing of the pages. So, if somehow, the search engine is not aware of any useful page posted on your websites, ping websites will help it to identify them. The various advantages of Ping submission for SEO are as follows.

How do you do SEO?

  1. Crawl accessibility so engines can read your website
  2. Compelling content that answers the searcher’s query
  3. Keyword optimized to attract searchers & engines
  4. Great user experience including a fast load speed and compelling UX
  5. Share-worthy content that earns links, citations, and amplification
  6. Title, URL, & description to draw high CTR in the rankings
  7. Snippet/schema markup to stand out in SERPs

Free Ping Submission Sites List 2022

Ping Submission SitesTypeStatus

Best Free Ping Submission Sites List 2022

Top 100 Ping Submission Sites

Free Ping Submission Sites List 2022

21 http://blogpingtool.com/
22 http://feedshark.brainbliss.com/
23 http://pingmyblog.com/
24 http://weblogs.com/
25 http://ping.in/
26 http://googleping.com/
27 http://www.icerocket.com/
28 http://bitacoras.com/
29 http://www.ping.in/
30 http://totalping.com/
31 http://rpc.weblogs.com/
32 http://www.totalping.com/
33 http://www.autopinger.com/
34 http://www.googleping.com
35 http://www.weblogalot.com/ping
36 http://ipings.com
37 http://geourl.org/ping
38 http://www.pingerati.net
39 http://www.feedsubmitter.com
40 http://ping.feedburner.com
41 http://bulkfeeds.net/rpc
42 http://www.blogdigger.com/RPC2
43 http://www.blogshares.com/rpc.php
44 http://www.blogsnow.com/ping
45 http://www.allpodcasts.com/
46 http://www.bulkping.com
47 http://www.blogbuzzer.com
48 http://www.auto-ping.com
49 http://www.icerocket.com
50 http://www.bitacoras.com
51 http://www.blo.gs
52 http://feedshark.brainbliss.com
53 http://www.blogpingtool.com
54 http://blogmatcher.com/u.php
55 http://pingsitemap.com/
56 http://coreblog.org/ping/
57 http://ping.amagle.com/
58 http://ping.bitacoras.com
59 http://ping.blo.gs/
60 http://www.pingmyblog.com
61 http://www.weblogues.com/RPC/
62 http://xmlrpc.blogg.de
63 http://www.pingfarm.com/
64 http://www.bulkping.com/
65 http://mypagerank.net/service_pingservice_index
66 http://www.pingbomb.com/
67 http://www.backlinkping.com/
68 http://www.pingsitemap.com/
69 http://www.indexkings.com/
70 http://www.addurl.nu/

How to use these New Ping Submission Sites?

If you use Ping Submission Sites of high domain authority, it will become even more convenient for you to index the website through numerous search engines. Below mentioned are a few steps that can be utilized for using ping submission sites even more effectively-

  • The first step is to choose any ping submission site from the Free High DA Ping Submission Sites List.
  • Once selected, go to the website and fill the form. There would be a few fields that you need to fill, such as title, Blog URL, and choose the category in which you want to submit it.
  • Fill complete details in the form properly and correctly
  • Type the URL of your site or blog that you wish to get indexed by the search engines
  • Just click on the submit button and click on save
  • All done from your side, they will send you a confirmation message stating that your site has been registered.

The best part is that no signup is required; in just a single click, your work is done. The site will get indexed within 24 hrs by the search engines.

Any user can perform ping submission tasks easily with the help of these steps. But, you need to ensure that you fill in the correct information in the form and do not miss any important information.

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How to Fast Indexing of URL and Backlinks

As we discussed earlier, ping submission will help you to index your website and backlink URLs. But, actually, this technique is helpful in SEO a lot. Because they make the search engine familiar with your new backlinks, the search engine will give their best effects on your website’s rankings. The biggest thing is, this will happen in very little time.

So, after knowing all the benefits and effectiveness of ping submission sites, you must prefer them as your primary SEO technique. You just have to use some basic details about your websites like its name, URL, RSS feed link, etc. By doing these submissions, you will see its positive results on your website rankings very fast. Make sure to use the high PA, DA ping websites that are given in the list above.

50+ Free Ping Submission Sites List to Boost Your Indexing

How Is Pinging Important in Off-Page SEO?

Pinging is one of the effective ways to index your blog or site to different search engines or web directories. You should use many other tricks to get high ranking and to drive more traffic to your site. But you should also start pinging which works as an icing on the cake because it will provide the fast results for getting auto backlinks and to improve your site indexing.

As an SEO expert, I also do pinging and it really works great for me. It brings many backlinks to my site which helps to increase my site ranking in organic search results.

Here are a few popular pinging websites, where you can ping your blog posts or website, whenever there is an update occurs:

Final Words:

Using ping submission sites can often get your link indexed by Google and various search engines within 24 hours.

To Easily track the live backlinks report you can use Ahrefs and SEMRush.

If you find the Free Ping Submission Sites List useful then please share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. If you are using any other techniques to your blogs, websites and backlinks indexed quickly by search engines then please share in the comments!

Benefits of Ping Submission Sites for Ultra indexing

Following are some benefits for ping submission and how it work for you to get indexed your website early.

(1) Help to Increase Google Crawl Rate

If you are SEO expert then website crawling rate also matter more for you as it help to improve your website ranking.

Ping submission can work very well for you to get indexed your new blog posts and link created by you. So don’t forgot to use the ping submission after creating the posts on your website.

Ping submission will also improve your crawling rate when you will do ping submission on regular basic. Many people try Google search console to get indexed your website pages early, It’s also one of the right way for indexing . But Google webmaster has some guideline to make index pages, it work according to its guideline.

In this situation, You can’t depend on Google webmaster only, You should use ping submission sites and ping your new pages and blog post for ultra fasting indexing.

(2) Help to Increase Website Ranking on SERP

As we know, ping submission works very well for website indexing purpose. But you can also get the quality link from them. Also these ping submission sites will not take your more time like other off page SEO process.

So use the quality ping submission sites for creating the quality backlink and improve your website ranking.  We have also added some quality ping submission sites for you to make your SEO campaign more strong and improve your website crawling rate.

Best Free Ping Submission Sites List 2022

Search Results

Featured snippet from the web

The Most Popular Article Submission Sites List

  • Sites.google.com. Google offers this medium for link building. …
  • Github.com. This site is a popular article submission website and also has good ratings. …
  • Ezinearticles.com. Ezine Articles. …
  • iSnare.com. …
  • Myarticle.com. …
  • Articlebiz.com. …
  • Goarticles.info. …
  • Storify.com.

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Ping submission sites are vital for boosting your website’s indexing on search engines. Hence, from the free ping submission sites list, pick the one that gives preeminence benefit and rises the organic traffic to your website. Once you begin working with these websites, you will get immense benefits and would be able to promote your website and blogs on big search engines easily.

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