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Tuesday, August 9, 2022
Lottery ResultPlaybhagyalaxmi Lottery Result Update Today 2022 : play bhagya laxmi lottery

Playbhagyalaxmi Lottery Result Update Today 2022 : play bhagya laxmi lottery

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Rajshree goa Playbhagyalaxmi Result Out at 9:00 am and after that at 9:15 am and till 9:40 pm you can check results online. The play bhagya laxmi lottery winning numbers updated on playbhagyalaxmi.net and playbhagyalaxmi.net.in Playbhagyalaxmi Lottery Result Update Today 2022

Playbhagyalaxmi Lottery Result Update Today

The Lottry Playbhagyalaxmi and Play bhagyalaxmi lottery has five levels, which are as follows. Bhagya Lakshmi Lottery is in the form of the ‘Satta’ gaming genre. Players who participated in today’s Playbhagyalaxmi lottery game can check the result here.

Playbhagyalaxmi Result will be out at 9:00 am followed by 9:15 am and till 9:40 pm you can check the results online. The winning numbers for the day are updated below, so check if you have won or not.

play bhagya laxmi lottery

2022-08-0109:00 A.M9024919892989308947595689648970898759908
2022-08-0109:15 A.M9050919692749358944295959684975298239950
2022-08-0109:30 A.M9042911592089378949595869652976998849979
2022-08-0109:45 A.M9084910892949375946895249641971598599909
2022-08-0110:00 A.M9074919692859378945395909654970898239984
2022-08-0110:15 A.M9024914392879380949995099690976898099976
2022-08-0110:30 A.M9056916392629327945895569696978598239931
2022-08-0110:45 A.M9007914292159356949895089675979698589976
2022-08-0111:00 A.M9074916892359333942695239695977898419950
2022-08-0111:20 A.M9016910092969328948695609679977498809995
2022-08-0111:40 A.M9056919592049375947295179625978998909974
2022-08-0112:00 P.M9021911592759326948495589690972598759956
2022-08-0112:20 P.M9008917492649311942695649662975898509921
2022-08-0112:40 P.M9095915592009374947895849604971098039912
2022-08-0101:00 P.M9072919792849307947895689675973498049990
2022-08-0101:20 P.M9093917792069304940595969641973898759922
2022-08-0101:40 P.M9007913892369347947395719657971798959967
2022-08-0102:00 P.M9022911292029370942495919614970198009921
2022-08-0102:20 P.M9093913892029304943795919657973498959922
2022-08-0102:40 P.M9057917592869368947195399637971898049935
2022-08-0103:00 P.M9040911492319302942995969652973998909962
2022-08-0103:20 P.M9075917592989308947595759648975898429975

Playbhagyalaxmi is one of the popular lottery game played by many people. The result will be out at different times starting from 9:00 am to 9:40 pm you can check the results online. Stay connected on our page to know the latest updates on Playbhagyalaxmi Result.

how to play bhagya lakshmi online

he Bhagyalakshmi lottery has five levels, which are as follows.

  • Pukhraj: You will have to spend 100 rupees on this, if you are the winner then you will get 10,00,000 rupees.
  • Silver: To play this level, you have to buy a ticket which will cost you Rs.250, and the winner will get Rs.25,00,000.
  • Platinum: The ticket will cost you around Rs 750, and the winner will get Rs 75,00,000.
  • Gold: In this, you will have to spend 500 rupees if you are the winner then you will get 50,00,000 rupees.
  • Diamond: To play this level, you have to buy a ticket which will cost you Rs 1000, and the winner will get Rs 100,00,000.

to Participate in Playbhagyalaxmi Lottery

Maybe you’ve never bought a lottery ticket online; So, so I explained it in detail and step by step.

  • First of all, open its website, then you will see many options mentioned above, such as Gold, Platinum, and Diamonds.
  • On their home page you will see options for PLAY NOW, so click on whatever you want to play.
  • Once you click on it, a popup window will appear where you need to enter your details to create a new account.
  • Once you have purchased the ticket online, a genuine agent will pick up the ticket from the nearest outlet on your behalf.
  • After that, you will be notified through your email id or message on your mobile.
  • Save that notification as you will have to guarantee your exclusive ownership of the ticket.
  • Assuming you have won the lottery, you will be notified again on your email, message or phone number, which you will provide during the registration process.
  • The winning amount will be sent to your bank account. In that case, you will also be connected by a representative who will assist you in claiming the prize.
  • I hope you understand the value of your number and mail id, as they are essential to you.

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