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Pran RFL Web Do Bangladesh: How To Work

RFL Web Do is an Online platform for buying goods products or demanding goods as an rpl employer on rflwebdo. However, the RFL Web Do link is only accessible to dealers of RFL. many of us do not know how rfl web do works so if you read this post carefully, I Hope you will be no more difficult to demand or buy goods on RFL Web DO.

Pran RFL Web Do Bangladesh

This RFL Web has been provided by Pran-RFL for those of you who work in RFL Web Do or buy any product from Pran Company or order according to your demand on RFL Web Do BD. If you take the dealership (runner rfl dilar), you will be provided a user ID and password by the company. you need to have a username and password to log in to the pran rfl web do website.

Pran RFL Web Do product

In other words, if any of the goods of the dealer that you are arranging the duty has been undelivered before, and if any of the company’s goods have been undelivered, then you have to check more. In this case, MR Status in MR Status: The amount you have deposited in MR Status is available in the bank account ie one month’s account statement.

How to work on RFL Web Do?

RFL Web Do How Register ad how do work as a Pran RFL Dilar in RFL Web Do? here is the full details about login and reg: pran RFL Web Do-

You can use any browser to log in to the Pran RFL web do web page. You can use the Pran-RFL web page on both mobile phone and computer devices.

open any browser on your mobile and search for RFL Web Do.

After clicking on RFL Web Do on the above website, a new page will appear after clicking on rfl web do. Enter the username and password and log in.

If you are a Company Sales Representative (SR), you will know your dealer username and password beforehand, as all dealers currently have a username and password.

Then click on the login option after giving the username and password then another new page will come in front of you in this page you will get all options of your web DO like….

Pran RFL Web Do
Pran RFL Web Do Bangladesh: How To Work 2
  • Order Entry.
  • Active Order.
  • product info.
  • Undelivered.
  • Damage entry.
  • Damage Approve status.
  • MR status.
  • Cancel do.
  • Hidden do.
  • Incentive offer.
  • Complain.
  • Change password.
  • Log out.

When you arrange a demand then click on order entry and after clicking on order entry you must take care to click on active order.

Active order.

Rfl web do. The task of active order is to complete the application to pass your duty. Then in the product info, that is, product info of what goods are in your group is given or is given, that is, you will get product info of the dealer’s goods that you are going to arrange on the website.

How do active orders On RFL Web Do? 

To activate the Order function on the Rfl web do site is a process of applying to pass your duty.

After you arrange the order entry, you will inform the company about your product order by clicking on the active button, that is, you will confirm it on your behalf. 

RFL WEB DO Order Entry:

You will click on the order entry. If you click, you will go to a new page, on this page, your dealer’s name will be at the top. 

Then you will see all the following information one by one. 

  • Code.
  • No Group.
  • Balance.
  • MR.

Again there will be SR Assign given for the dealer, then if you click with the item code quantity you will see whether the product is available or not, if it is then you can easily activate your WEB Do. 

Rfl web do how to add money

You can ad money and check your Account Balance in Pran RPL Web Do Account. When a dealer deposits money to the company according to his dealer code, the dealer’s money will be in MR on the first day and then it will go to the balance.

The money that you deposit will be in MR on the first day and then it will be in the balance. Please note that when you go to buy a product from the company, the money for Mr. Dilar will be 502, that is, you can buy the goods for 502 Taka.

And if the company has got it from the dealer then there will be no mark. That is -502’s – will not exist. Then go to order entry and select your name in SR Assign.

Now to order any product from the company you will go to order entry and select your name and SR Assign will be done. Then you go to the item code. After clicking on the item code, give the item quantity. If the goods are available after entering the code, you will see a piece of information on the screen of your phone.

When there is no information about a product, it can be understood that the goods are not available.

POran web do salary

Employees at PRAN RFL Bangladesh earn an average of BDT 15 lakhs, mostly ranging from 13 lahks Taka per year to bdt 16 lakhs per year based on 4 profiles. The top 10% of employees earn more than 15,00000 Taka per year.

Pran RFL Web DoPran RFL Web Do

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