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Shakib Al Hasans E-commerce company Monarch Mart

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The best all rounder cricketer Shakib Al Hasan has launched a new e-commerce company in Bangladesh. Launched on Friday under the name ‘Monarch Mart’ the company will give consumers a taste of hassle -free shopping. Shakib Al Hasans E-commerce company Monarch Mart

Shakib Al Hasans E-commerce company Monarch Mart

All rounder Shakib al Hasan E Commerce Company Name is Monarch Mart. Shakib Al Hasan is the director and chairman of the company.

He also has investments in this company, ‘Md Zahead Kamal, chief operating officer.

We are offering Bangladesh a new e-commerce experience. Delivering quality products at the right time to customers is the motto of Monarch Mart at a fair price, Kamal quoted Shakib as saying.

Speaking to the media, Md. Zahead Kamal, reportedly, maintained currently there are many negative perceptions amongst people about e-commerce in Bangladesh.

while adding the principal aim of Monarch Mart will be to change that even as he underlined e-commerce market in Bangladesh is very big

Shakib’s Monarch Mart is making an appearance amid a lot of debate on e-commerce businesses.

Top executives of several e-commerce companies have been arrested and jailed for violating promises made to customers.

At present there are about 2,500 e-commerce sites and 1,50,000 Facebook-based outlets delivering almost 30,000 products a day, says the e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh.

Shakib al Hasan Online Shop Monarch Mart

Monarch Mart website or app may collect various types of required information.

if a customer wants to place an order for the desired product he/she wants to buy using the website or app.

When a customer purchases something from Monarch Mart through the website or app, as part of the buying and selling process.

Monarch Mart will collect the personal information of the customer such as name, contact and delivery address and email address etc.

Monarch Mart e commerce company

The company will receive, store and process this data for preparing customers purchased orders on the eCommerce site and will save it for any possible future allegation.

Monarch Mart usually collects personal information such as customers’ name,email address, delivery address, mobile number, payment procedure and other similar kinds of information.

When a customer browses Monarch Mart’s website or app, the system will automatically receive the computer’s internet protocol (IP) address in order to provide information that helps us to learn about the customer’s browser and operating system.

With customer’s permission, the company may send emails to him/her about our offers, campaigns, new categories and products, and other helpful updates.

Shakib Al Hasan online Shop Name

Monarch Mart is Shakib al Hasan E Commerce Company. Monarch Mart is making an appearance amid a lot of debate on e-commerce businesses.

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Shakib Al Hasans E-commerce company Monarch Mart

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