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Sunlott Lottery Result Today 2022: Sun lot Guessing

latest Sun lott Result Today, Sunlott Lottery Result, Sunlott Guessing Today along with the Sunlott Yesterday Result, Sunlott Prizes Today, Sunlotto Lottery Timing, and more details on this page. there are 4 drawings per day and you have a chance to win the top prize of 27,000 INR.

The drawings take place at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 6 p.m. & 7:25 p.m. To get the rules on how to play the Sunlott lottery, you can just go to their official website and select the right page.

The way to play is to try to guess the winning number. There is a second and third prize but their payouts are substantially lower than the grand prize of 27,000 INR.

Sunlott Result Today – 24 December 2022

Draw Date – 24 December 2022

Draw No – 234

Sunlott Result TimeSaturday 11:00:00 AM
3 D Prize Rs.27000700
2 D Prize  Rs.100000
1 D Prize Rs.1000
Sunlott Result TimeSaturday 01:00:00 PM
3 D Prize Rs.27000716
2 D Prize  Rs.100016
1 D Prize Rs.1006
Sunlott Result TimeSaturday 06:00:00 PM
3 D Prize Rs.27000876
2 D Prize  Rs.100076
1 D Prize Rs.1006

Sunlott Lottery

There are 3 chances to win every time you play. The lowest amount you can win is 100 INR, the second-lowest is 1000 INR, and the best prize to go for is the top one that holds 27,000 INR. These prizes are for all 4 draws that take place.

These prizes are for all 4 draws that take place each day. That gives you many chances to win if you feel lucky. To find out if you are a winner or not you just need to check the Sun Lott today’s result.

If you want to win, you have to play. So buy your ticket, wait for the results and check them on the official website or one of the many websites that post winning lottery results. You get 3 chances to be a winner and 4 draws are done each day.

Sunlott Result TimeSaturday 07:25:00 PM
3 D Prize Rs.27000TBA
2 D Prize  Rs.1000TBA
1 D Prize Rs.100TBA

Sunlott Lottery Results Today

Lottery NameSun lott Lottery
Draw Timing– 11: 00 PM
– 1: 00 PM
– 6:00 PM
– 7:25 PM
Draw NameSunlott
1D PrizeRs.100
2D PrizeRs.1000
3D PrizeRs.27000
Result StatusReleased

Sun lotto Result

Sunlott Result Updates, Sunlott Result Today, Sun lott Previous Results are updated here. All upcoming Sunlott Result, Sunlott Lottery Result, Sunlott Guessing Today will be updated here. Sunlott Lottery Result, Sunlott Guessing Today, Sunlott Prizes Today, Sunlott Lottery Timing. stay connected with us for updates.

Sunlott Result Today – 23 November 2022

Draw Date – 23 November 2022

Draw No – 230

Sunlott Result TimeWednesday 11:00:00 AM
3 D Prize Rs.27000284
2 D Prize  Rs.100084
1 D Prize Rs.1004
Sunlott Result TimeWednesday 01:00:00 PM
3 D Prize Rs.27000196
2 D Prize  Rs.100096
1 D Prize Rs.1006
Sunlott Result TimeWednesday 06:00:00 PM
3 D Prize Rs.27000261
2 D Prize  Rs.100061
1 D Prize Rs.1001
Sunlott Result TimeWednesday 07:25:00 PM
3 D Prize Rs.27000TBA
2 D Prize  Rs.1000TBA
1 D Prize Rs.100

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