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Best Tourist places in Sylhet 2022

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Tourist places in Sylhet 2022 : Sylhet is the one of the Best Tourist place in Bangladesh. The different tribal living in Sylhet. have various tea garden and Tour place like- Jaflong, Ratargul Jalaban, Hakaluki haor, Lalakhal, Bholaganj, Bichanakandi, Tamabil, hills, waterfalls are all tourist destinations in Sylhet no one should miss when traveling to Sylhet.

People who love to travel They Need to Travel in stylet for Tea, copy and this ancient township is rich in forest, minerals, and fisheries and is rich in natural beauty. 

Tourist places in Sylhet 2022

Sylhet is a city in eastern Bangladesh, on the Surma River. It’s known for its Sufi shrines, like the ornate tomb and mosque of 14th-century saint Hazrat Shah Jalal, now a major pilgrimage site near Dargah Gate.

The tiny Museum of Rajas contains belongings of the local folk poet Hasan Raja. A 3-domed gateway stands at the 17th-century Shahi Eidgah, a huge open-air hilltop mosque built by Emperor Aurangzeb


Jaflong is a hill station of Sylhet which is located in Gowainghat upazilla. It is situated in border between Bangladesh and the Indian state of Meghalaya and is one the oldest tourist spots in Sylhet

Wanna feel the thrill of visiting the neighboring country India without crossing the border? The famous tourist destination Jaflong can give you this outstanding experience.


Waite Stone in sylhet : Bisnakandi is about 25 kilometers far from Sylhet City. There are several ways to reach Bisnakandi from Sylhet city.

You can take a CNG auto-rickshaw to arrive at Hadarpar. In this location, you can reserve a local boat to explore Bisnakandi.

Bisnakandi is a beautiful place, adorned with hills, stones, waterfall and river. You can go to this place especially on the month of June-July or August-September. especially during the rainy season, to have a nice view of current in water.

Shahjalal Dargah

Hazrat Shahjalal (R), whose name is associated with the spread of Islam into north-eastern Bengal through Sufism, came to Sylhet in 1303 CE and died there in 1346 CE and later he was buried there too.

His shrine is very famous in Sylhet and everyday his divotees from all over the country, visit this place. That’s why this place is always crowded.

Volagonj sylhet tourist spot

Bholaganj is situated in Sylhet Division, Bangladesh. Original name (with diacritics) of the place is Bholāganj. It is 33 km away to the north from Sylhet city. 

Vholagonj, the largest stone quarry in Bangladesh, is 33 km away to the north from Sylhet city. Flowing respectively from the Khasi hill in the north and Dauki in the east.

The rivers Dholai and the Piyain meet at Companigonj Upazilla Sadar, which is 27 km away from Sylhet city on the Salutikor-Bholagonj Road. Just six kilometres from there is Bholagonj— a place that boasts of rows of hills, rivers, falls and quarries.

How to go to Bholaganj

The distance from Sylhet to Bholaganj is about 35 km. You have to come to Sylhet city first from where you want to go to Bholaganj in the country. From Sylhet, one can go by bus, CNG, Leguna, or private car to Bholaganj. At present, the road to Bholaganj is in perfect condition.


The Lalakhal is another top tourist attraction in Jaintapur Upazilla, is covered with hills, natural forests, tea gardens, and rivers under the Jainta Hill which comprises part of the Meghalaya Ranges of India.

Flowing from the Indian part, the river Myntdu enters Lalakhal as the Saree and meets the river Guaiyan after passing Sarighat.

Over a stretch of nearly 12 km of the river from Lalakhal to Sarighat, the colour of the water stays transparent green in winter (as well as in other seasons when it does not rain) due to the minerals flowing with water and the sandy river bed.

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Travel Tips & Alerts Visiting Bholaganj Tourist Spot

  • Try to go and come back early so that it’s not evening.
  • Inform the boatman in advance how long the white stone will last. You can stay on time as you wish.
  • Border space so is careful.
  • Bholaganj can only be visited during the rainy season by the river.
  • If you want to eat, you have to eat at the local hotels there.
  • There are many streams in the river water during the rainy season, so you shouldn’t get too far into the water if you don’t know how to swim.
  • You must bargain while renting vehicles.
  • If you want to travel at a low cost, you can group around.
  • If you want to visit Bholaganj white stone, Utmachora, and Turangchori in a day, you must leave very early in the morning.
  • If you want, you can rent for the day to go to CNG from Amberkhana in Sylhet and visit the spots there. In this case, the cost might be a little higher.

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