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GlobalWeb story on Google : Google New feature for Blogger

Web story on Google : Google New feature for Blogger

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Web story on Google : What is the Google web stories feature and how it works and how without writing or proper SEO it can generate traffic and make money for any new blogger. Complete overview guide on Web Story.

Web story on Google : Google New feature for Blogger

The new feature Google for blogger Google Web Stories, now you can create visual narratives with engaging animations and tippable interactions to indulge your visitors in a great visual experience.

It offers features and functionalities to engage with your audience via the power of storytelling on the open web like all across the social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Now, Google brings stories for websites

Are you excited to create stories for your website? Don’t worry. Google brings a complete story creation tool on WordPress. Web story on Google : Google New feature for Blogger

But first of all, for those of you who don’t know much about web stories, let’s know what they are and what you can do with them.

What is Web Stories on Google ?

Google Web Stories are a new way to tell stories to your audience visually with tappable interactions. With google web stories, you have multiple screens visually rich enough to present content to your audience attractively.

These Stories can have text, images, videos, and more to draw visitors’ attention and engage them. More than just text posts or long videos for stories, web stories by google is a progression in Blogging World. 

Why Google Web Stories is helpful for Blogger ?

  • Create web stories easily with a powerful tool: Create beautiful & engaging content easily and enjoy creative flexibility for editorial freedom and branding
  • Share your web stories on the open web: Web Stories are surely part of the open web and they can be shared and embedded across sites and apps without being confined to a single ecosystem.
  • Keep track of your web stories: Google Web Stories supports analytics and bookend capabilities for sharing and monetization.
  • Capture readers’ attention by offering fast-loading stories: Web Stories are lightning-fast to load and easier for your audience to stay engaged.
  • Monetize stories effectively: Web Stories offers monetization opportunities for websites using affiliate links. Web series on google

Web story on Google

Learn complete WordPress Google web story set up using a free plugin and how to create story that index in google and can drive traffic to your website.

How to Create Google Web Stories ?

Google’s Web Stories WordPress plugin brings a complete Web Stories editor that feels a lot like a powerful page builder or photo editing tool. Here is the rules of Google Story are given step by step.

Google Web Stories plugin
Google Web Stories plugin
  • Install Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin
  • Set up Google Web Stories
  • Create Web Stories
  • Choose a Background Color
  • Add Text to Your Story Screen
  •  Add Images and Videos
  • Use Shapes on Your Story Page
  • Delete, Duplicate and Add New Page
  • Publish Web Story

What Do Google Web Stories Do?

Google Web Stories are a visual content format that can be shown across the internet. Web series on google

You might find them similar to the stories on Instagram in that they allow creators to publish a succession of images, videos, and audio.

Web Stories are billed by Google as being “fully immersive” thanks to their ability to be viewed full-screen.

Web story on Google : Google New feature for Blogger


Google Web Stories is a rich, engaging content format that boasts a lot of potential for marketers. Web series on google Unlike similar social media storytelling formats, Web Stories are not time-bound or limited to certain platforms.

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